An intelligent way to secure your data gateway

Scanning your APIs for potential vulnerabilities and
enabling you to make improvements based on solution-driven reports.

  • Alex Alexander Menzheres Co-Founder
    Alexander has built transaction processing APIs handling payments for some of the largest retailers in the US, worked with healthcare companies and other enterprise clients.
  • Victor Victor Grytsai Co-Founder
    Victor is obsessed with the scrum process and keeps the team organized. He helped develop internal APIs for rewards platforms used by largest consumer electronic companies in Asia and the US.

Who we are?

We are an international team with offices in Europe and the US. We help our customers protect their data from external threats by using state of the art API technologies.

What we do?

Feature screen
We analyze, scan, generate reports and provide a convenient interface with a dashboard, a scanning scheduler and a web-hook scanning trigger.

API Definition formats we support

  • API Blueprint
  • Swagger 1.0 - 1.2
  • Swagger 2.0 JSON
  • Swagger 2.0 YAML
  • WADL - W3C 2009
  • Google Discovery
  • RAML 0.8
  • I/O Docs - Mashery
  • HAR 1.2
  • Postman Collection
  • APIMATIC Format
  • SOAP