Automated & Modern API Security Testing

Instant analysis of your API's security risks

How it works

  • 1 Create an API profile
  • 2 Confirm API ownership
  • 3 Scan with instant results
How it works scheme


  • Quick Setup

    Sapience allows you to create an API profile by importing existing API definition - we support over 10 most common formats including Swagger, API Blueprint, Postman etc. Alternatively it's possible to create API profile manually using our wizard.
  • Solution Driven Report

    The report includes detailed information of found vulnerabilities with recommended solutions how to fix them. Security trend chart gives you a visual insight of your progress towards better protection of your API.
  • Scan APIs for Known Vulnerabilities

    Discover existing or potential security vulnerabilities by scanning an API to find issues like: SQL Injection, Remote File Include, Content Type Missing, Misused Exception Handling, Parameter Tampering etc.
  • Simple Automation

    Security checking is an ongoing process. Automate it by setting scan schedule or triggering a webhook whenever you need.

Start testing your Enterprise API!

No expensive audits. Instant vulnerability testing for your API checking for the latest threats.